January 01, 2014

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January 09, 2012

12.16.11 / 12.21.11 Check In, Work It, Get Right

Happy New Year! I'm watching Beyond Scared Straight. It's okay. I could last in jail, unlike these losers. I can tell I could, I ain't scared.

This post contains a collection of pictures from 3 awesome weekly parties in chinatown. Work it! Fridays @ Nextdoor, #CheckIn Wednesdays @ SOHO, and The Get Right Wednesdays @ The Manifest.

The post title is a clever mixture of all three party names. Don't ask me how I thought of it, because I really don't know. I'm just really creative.

So once again PARTYYYFACE (us) made it onto SUPER CW's (christa wittmier) "Best of" Thank you so much, you've been one of the biggest supporters of us (and everyone trying to do something good in Hawaii) since the beginning. It takes one to know one. Which means you're the best.

It was mentioned that we aren't trying to make money off this blog, which was right. Until now. You are now required to donate a dollar to me for every word that you read on this site. Sorry. There's no way I can track that though, so I trust you'll do the right thing. Just leave the money in a brown paper bag in the dumpster behind the Kapolei Chili's (I sleep there sometimes). No cops.


Picture time. I'll put them on facebook later.